Loose Tooth

Froggy has her very first loose tooth.  She greeted me this morning with a maniacal grin showing off the clearly out of position tooth.  She has had trouble keeping her fingers off of it for even five minutes today.

 Eating was a very big challenge.  She took a bite of breakfast and then decreed eating too hard saying "I just won't till it falls out"  I informed her that could easily be weeks and she needed to find a way to work around it.

Given how fast it went from normal to very wiggly, I expect it will be out sooner rather than later.  Froggy is the last of her rough year mates to get a wiggly tooth so we have had the opportunity to see how many other families handle this rite of passage.

We have had plenty of time to form our own plan.  We have a tooth pillow to tuck it in at bedtime.  Once it falls out, Froggy will write a letter to the tooth fairy telling her about how she lost the tooth.  Then tuck in the special pillow for bedtime.  During the night the tooth fairy will replace it with a gold dollar and a letter in response.

What is the tradition at your house? Does the tooth fairy come?  If so what does she leave?  If not is there a different tradition that replaces it?


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