Menu Planning Monday - 25 Av 5772

Recipe Review - The Snickers Pie was a disaster.  The caramel sauce did not work at all.  I had left Abba in charge of watching it simmer and I suspect that it did not simmer fully so we will try the caramel sauce part again.  The filling of the pie (with the tofu) was not a pleasant taste and so the whole pie a lose.

Sunday - Pasta, Homemade sauce, Salad and Garlic Bread
Monday -Brown sugar and Garlic Chicken, Mashed potatoes (leftover from Shabbat), and peas
Tuesday - Salad, DF Lasagna Casserole based off of this recipe, and Garlic Bread
Wednesday -Tofu Stirfry, Rice and Keem
Thursday - Burgers, Corn on the Cob and Salad
Shabbat - who knows?  I want to make Pot Roast but can't find the kosher meat I need locally.


  1. For the record, I liked the pie.


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