Amusement Park

Abba and Froggy left me home to rest and went off to the amusement park as an attempt to salvage some fun time out of our ruined vacation.  Ms.G. went with so Froggy had female companionship and Abba had someone to spell him when his ride endurance ran out.

It was a very special day for Froggy.  She successfully got her 48" wristband which meant she was allowed to ride all the "grownup" rides. 
Froggy loves the "grown up rides" but she is still a very little kid at heart too and really enjoys seeing the "friends."
Since it was a special day, Abba totally induldged Froggy.  In addition letting her ride anything she wanted and choose everything, he bought her treats and let her get a "crown" painted on her face.


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