Asseteque Moments

We recently got back from our annual trip to the beach.  From the start, it was a comedy of errors. 
We have a new pop-up trailer that we purchased specifically for using at the beach.  This was to be our third time using it. Unfortunately, Abba broke it closing it up the last time and neglected to tell anyone so it could be looked at.  Even with an onsite repair person, they could not get it open.  A quick trip to Walmart and a new tiny tent, we moved into our camp site. 

Thanks to Issac, the waves that first day were tremendous.  Standing on the shore where there was no water between several came up to Froggy's head.  We had fun playing and trying not to get knocked over.  When we started feeling too battered, we collapsed on the sand and Froggy dug and made cities until we were ready to get wet again.

Lunch was at the little canteen on the boardwalk.  Froggy decided to feed the pigeons.  She was so brave even when they swarmed over her. 

The second day the waves were smaller and Abba was more available and we ventured deeper into the ocean. We were at the beach by 9:30am  We spent far more time in the water than playing on the sand. We headed over to the broadwalk for supper and sightseeing.  Froggy rode on the carousel and played on probably the worst designed play structure I have ever seen.  The swing path is right the the major traffic area for the second level leaving no safe area to swing.  The children were amazing about working together to let everyone have their fun.

The trip ended before the sun came up that next morning with a trip to the ER.  While I stayed at the hospital Abba and Froggy went back, packed up the campsite and said goodbye to another year at the beach.  It was less than 48 hours after we arrived and far short of the 5 days we had planned but Froggy was wonderful about rolling with the punches. 


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