Chocolate Factory

The homeschool group we discovered near the new house arranged a tour of a small Chocolate Factory.  There was no real "educational" purpose to it but it was tons of fun. 
Once we got there and settled in, the tour guide had each child pick a mold that they wanted to use to make their own personal treat. Then she explained how to fill the mold.
 She demonstrated how to twist the spatula so that all the chocolate clung to it rather than continuing to drip It was amazing how much a flat object could hold.
 Then she told them about banging the mold to get out all the air bubble.  Froggy liked that part
 Then each child got to make their own.
 Froggy got her turn right away since she was the only one who wanted to do the dark chocolate.

It was cute to see her concentrating so hard to do it just right.

The banging part she got to do all by herself.
Froggy chose a heart for her lollipop. This is her finished mold. 
The children also got to dip a collection of yummies in the chocolate.

Look how proud she is of all of her creations.
They watched a movie about how chocolate is made while they ate their goodies.


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