Drama Camp

Froggy spent two weeks at Drama Camp this summer.  It is her first time ever attending a "camp."  It was only half day and she was in heaven.  Every day she came home singing the songs and telling me about the games they played.  She has taken drama classes before but it was nothing like this.  I think the musical theater component makes all the difference for her.
 The play was based on Old McDonald's Farm but it was a comedy and the premise was we have to teach a cow to moo.  Froggy was one of the little pigs and got to tell a couple of jokes. 
She liked her lines but loved the songs and dances even more.
And the final bow is ofcourse the defining moment of any play with Froggy.

Abba  recorded the whole show and I in a moment of complete ineptitude managed to delete it before it was saved to the computer so all we have are a few stills to show of the wonderful funny performance. 


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