Fall Bucket List

We have often made a summer bucket list, a set of fun things to do to fill our long summer days.  This year I decided to create a Fall Bucket list as well.  I hope it will help keep me focused as well as maybe provide some insipration to whomever I hand Froggy over to when I am no longer allowed to go out.  I don't know how many of these I will get to do with her but hopefully she will get to do most.
Visit a pumpkin farm
Visit a corn maze
Take fall walks and collect leaves and acorn
Make leaf  stained glass
Make apple butter
Make a scarecrow
Pick Apples
Go leaf peeping
Decorate our pumpkins
Make "Boo" treats for our neighbors and friends
Roast pumpkin seeds
Make popcorn balls
Make caramel or candied apples
Plant mums and pansies
Set our bird feeders
Make gourd birdhouses
Make hot apple cider
Build our Sukkah
Make Sukkah decorations
Eat as many dinners as possible in the Sukkah
Take evening walks to see the fall and Halloween decorations
Make Thanksgiving place mats
Go to a fall festival or fair
Read about Columbus
Celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day
Rake leaves and jump in them
Plant spring bulbs
Make our "thankful list"


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