King Harold

 We are studying the Battle of Hastings this year.  This week, we learned about Harold ascension to the England throne. Froggy was quite taken with this story.  Here is her narration

King Edward died and the people chose Harold Earl of Wessex for their king.  The people all went to the church to see Harold crowned King.  And so the ArchBishop said, “Do you promise to love your country and people and to keep away the Normans?” “I do” said Harold.  I crown you King said the Arch Bishop.  So Harold was crowned King of all England.  Harold walked out of the church and the people cheered, “Harold Forever!” 
When the Normans saw Harold, they sailed off to Normandy and off to Duke William.  He was not at his palace so they went hunting for him.  They found him riding towards them.  They went over and said, “My Lord, Edward the Confessor is dead.  Duke William’s eyes shone with joy.  “Aha” he cried. “And Harold Earl of Wessex has been crowned king” finished the messenger.   “What” cried Duke William? His eyes shone with anger. 
“We shall ride back to the palace now. “he said.  Duke William dropped onto the couch and covered his face with his cape and gave himself up to angry thoughts.  

You have a letter to write said one of his nobles.  “Yes I do” answered the Duke.  He called for his messenger and told him, “tell king Harold I demand the English crown and throne and if he does not give them I will fight for them.   And King Harold said, “I shall not give away the crown.  It is not mine to give away.  I am protecting it and my people. “ 
So Duke William makes boats and buys boats to go and fight Harold.
She acted it out as she was telling it and it was all I could do not to erupt in giggles. 


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