Birthday Season

We celebrate both Froggy's Hebrew Birthday and her Gregorian Birthday.  It is a good compromise for our family.  We sing Happy Birthday in Invrit on her Hebrew Birthday and she gets presents from Abba and Ima.
On her Gregorian Birthday, we sing Happy Birthday in English and she opens the presents from her Grandparents.  In between somewhere is her birthday party.  So it turns into a whole birthday season for the monkey.  

This year is the very first we have ever hosted Froggy's party somewhere other than the house.She wanted a swim party and I figured her friends were finally old enough to enjoy it with her.
The theme was mermaid.  They had a mermaid race, wearing their special mermaid tails,to the treasure box.
They also played pin the tail on the mermaid.     

The party was a huge hit for everyone largely thanks to the efforts of my MIL.  I still prefer the birthdays at home but we may be getting too old for those days. 


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