We still use this Siddur for davening with Froggy.  Abba recently asked when we would move on. I told him" when she asks or when she stops finding new insights and meaning in the Siddur.

Like with many children, davening has not always been a joy with Froggy.  But one of the few joys that has come out of this horrible sad time is seeing the kavod with which Froggy davens.  She came home after her first Sunday School after the Yom Tovim and whispered to me that she had done her best to daven the intermediate blessings of the Amidah at Shul and had remember the one in which we ask for healing and said Mishebairach for me.

She is finally choosing to read the Hebrew in her Siddur on her own.  She has taken the initiative to lead more of the morning davening when she and Abba daven together which is great since Abba cannot read the Hebrew.

This new Kavod may not last but I am enjoying it while it is present.


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