Tooth #2

Froggy lost her second tooth.  She wrote an amazing letter to the tooth fairy.  Here is her letter dictated exactly, punctuation and all.

Dear lovely Toothfairy,

I really really, really loved the gold dollar coin you gave me.  I will keep it with me forever.  I lost a new tooth today.  It was about 5 hours ago.  I was reading and every once in a while I wiggled it.  On the fourth time I wiggled it it came out.  It bled only a little bit.  When my friend C  lost her tooth, it bled a lot.  C and her mommy went to the bathroom.  They rinsed C’s mouth with water and then put a napkin under her chin.  They came back.  We were having a Girl Scout meeting at the time.  When they came back, they had to change napkins.  That was how much blood there was!   But mine bled only a little bit.  I am so happy.  My grandma and grandpa are visiting and I got to show them!  Today is my seventh birthday.  What to know what one of my presents was?  A Tinkerbell  Pocket!  She had accessories and clothes and shoes.  She even had a clipon butterfly to go on her arm!  I love it! 


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