Book! Books! Books!

I haven't posted a book review in awhile and there are so many good ones I am excited about.  First my books.

I am currently reading Raising Lifelong Learners.  It is really geared towards someone with younger children.  Still in addition to validating lots of the choices, we made with Froggy as a toddler, it does offer guidance and suggestions for the middle childhood years.  I recommend it for every parent especially homeschoolers.

The other new book I am excited about is my Interlinear Chumash.  I have struggled long and hard during services to follow along with the Torah reading.  I have had to choose, either follow the Hebrew or read the English.  Now I don't have to choose any more.  My new Chumash has the translation directly under each word so I can read both at the same time.  It will actually help me improve my Hebrew as well as making the Torah reading section of services more meaningful. 

Froggy is thrilled with a couple of new books as well.  The first came as a recommendation out of Raising Lifelong Learners.  It is The Fantastic Mr. Fox by  Roald Dalh.  One of her favorite things about it is the "songs" that are part of the text.  Other people might call them poems but Froggy insists on singing them.  When she first read it, I was not aware that there was a movie of it.  I have ordered the movie because she will enjoy seeing how other people interpret these passages.

The other special books for Froggy have come from a new (to us) version of PJ Library.  It is Sifriyat Pijama B'America,which sends the children age appropriate books in Hebrew.  It is

יוסי ילד שלי מצלה which loosly translate to Yosef the curious boy.  Thank goodness for Ms. G. because she is reading these books to us.  This is our second from Sifriyat Pijama.  It is the first that I was able to follow along with and understand partially without her translating. 


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