Great Falls in the Fall

After being cooped up for so long we are getting outdoors as much as possible before the snow hits.
Over the summer we went with some friends to the Virginia side of the falls.  Now we got to view the falls from the Maryland side

 .  I like this view better because I think it gives a richer perspective with the addition of the locks
 The first stop on the hike was the aqueduct at the top of the falls.   My only complaint was there was no sign explaining its creation.  It was a nice contrast between the flat water and the raging river below.
We got to see one of the riverboats that travel the locks currently in drydock. One of the mom's on the hike said that they actually got to ride in it.  When the weather turns nice, I will investigate if it is still running.
 The high point of the hike.  The Falls themselves!  We actually got to cross out onto an island in the river which gives a great view.
 Here there were some good signs which show the development of the Falls.
Behind the sign in the above picture was this rock.  The hole is from a vortex at the base of the Falls. 
And this moment is one of the things I like most about this group.  The kids chose to sketch on their own. Froggy was really mad at me because I forgot her sketchpad. .  
This was our last stop of the day.
They have add a small museum in the old tavern


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