Habit training

After weeks with no routine and no mommy guiding her actions and behavior, Froggy was struggling.  On my first day back taking Froggy to her activities, two different people felt a need to speak with me about Froggy's behavior.  She is ignoring people when they ask her to do something.  She does it at home as well so I empathize with the complainers.

As well after weeks and weeks of not being able to do anything for myself or my house, I need to get back into my routines.

So we decided that November is going to be habit training month.  Froggy is working on the habit of attending to the world around her.  She needs to be tuned in enough to respond to people the very first time they call her name.  We made a cute little chart for her to show how well she is paying attention. 
Every time she responds on the first attempt, she climbs a wrung on the ladder.  If she does not listen, she falls a wrung. When she reaches the top of the ladder she will win a prize.  

I am also working on habit training as well.  I am getting back on the flybaby wagon.  Lying in bed for weeks, I have not been able to do my routine.  Now I am recreating all those old habits.  Little bit by little bit I am getting the cobwebs and chaos our of my house.


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