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We went on a fieldtrip to the "Dinosaur Museum" aka the Natural History Museum.  Most of the time we go on a fieldtrip of any sort I am content to just let the learning happen.  This time I took the opportunity to encourage a bit.  We have been learning tons about Order Rodentia in our Burgess Book.  So I suggested we start our adventures in the Mammal room where they have some exhibits on various rodents. 
 We s
This is probably what Johnny Chuck looks like when he sleeps the ":big sleep"
 "Who is he?  I bet he is a close cousin to Peter Rabbit."
 Thanks to my new start point,we got to see other new exhibits including an origins of Man exhibit with cave paintings.
 But soon everyone was clamoring for "whales" and we headed over to the Ocean exhibit. 
Our friends took us to their favorite exhibit, a new one for Froggy who never makes it off the first floor.
 It was all about insects.  They all curled up in a mockup of a honeycomb.
 And got to touch a really neat looking catepillar
 And see the pupa stage which actually moved and looked alive
 After lunch we came back and went in the Butterfly exhibit.  It was hot and loud but all the girls had fun
 They all wanted to be the first to be selected as a landing pad. Froggy won.  I did not get a picture because she spooked and scared it off.
They had tons of fun trying to identify the butterflies.  I am not sure we did very well but the tried really hard.


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