We are finishing up Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess on audiobook.  Froggy is fascinated by her life and the changes in the world that occurred during it. 

We started out discussing World War 1 and spent hours poring over various map including this one which shows the progress of the war.  We talked about alliances and how they contributed to the war getting so big. It surprised me how interested Froggy is in the progress of the war and the who "was friends with whom"

Later as the book progressed, we got into a discussion of the Russian revolution.  And I realized how little I knew.  I answered Froggy's questions to the best of my ability but that was not enough.  So we checked out The Russian Revolution by Adrian Gilbert from the library. 

It was the perfect extension evenif it was not a living book.  Froggy wanted to see the other side of the revolution.  The next step may be a book about Lenin and/or Communism.  We will see if Froggy's interest is sustained. 


  1. Wow, you are covering some heavy topics here. I have to say that I don't know any good books about Russian Revolution in English, I might just retell my daughter what I learned back home when I was a child :)

  2. A heavy topic! Thanks for linking up to The Children's Bookshelf.

  3. I hope if you find good books about Lenin or Communism you'll share them on your blog.

  4. Froggy picked the book. The topics did not seem heavy the way we are addressing them. It was just a matter of answering the questions as they arose. To me it was much easier than the questions regarding the Civil War.


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