Being a Sister to Every Girl Scout.

This past week our Daisies earned their violet petal - A sister to every girl scout - while the brownies finished up their Girl Scout Ways Try It. 

The main thing we did was decorate our Tzedekah box.  We had precut bodies, dresses, and backgrounds. Each girl got a body, background and dress, either blue for the Daisies or brown for the Brownies to glue together and decorate.  Once the slips were decorated they exchanged them with a sister scout who wrote something nice about the first scout under her paper one.  When the strips were glued onto the box the dolls end up holding hands.   It turned out super cute if I do say so myself.
We also played a game where they had to try to do jumping jacks in exact matching time with the leader.  Each girl got a chance to be the leader.  Here is one example where they actually were able to match.


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