Menu Planning Monday

The Domino Potatoes were a total lose.  They looked interesting but were not crispy enough and lacked flavor and not worth the work at all.   

The Salmon tartlets were wonderful.  They turn the fish course into something we will eat not just right then but as leftovers as well.  The beet salad was interesting but needs some tweaking. This is the first recipe I have ever had that actually used the beet greens.  They had a neat flavor and I like that I use all the parts. The ratio of apple to other ingredients was too high.  It needs more oranges.  I will use clementines in the future as the navel orange segments were too unwieldy to eat.
The Cupcakes were a mixed bag.  I liked the cake part but noone else seemed to.  It was very rich moist chocolate, perfect in my opinion.  The frosting was a pain in the tush.  It did not work as written and I had to keep adding extra powdered sugar to get anything that was even functional.  But finally it held together and I got to use my new decorator tool.  It was tons of fun and the cupcakes looked much better than I have ever made before. 

Sunday - Salad, Pasta, homemade sauce, garlic bread
Monday - Dinner out with friends
Tuesday - Fish ala Jenn,Rice and Broccoli
Wednesday - Lasagna (experiment) and Salad
Thursday - Pulled Chicken, Peas and potatoes
Shabbat - Challah, butternut squash soup,gefilte fish, Pulkogi, rice, keem, bok choy, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate mousse cups


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