Happy New Years!

To welcome in the Gregorian New Year, Aunt Petal let us borrow E. for the day.  We went to First Night, which is a family-friendly New Years Eve celebration.  The whole downtown area joins forces to create a special evening.  We started the night with a festive dinner out and then hit the town hard.  First stop was one of the kid play areas.  There was a bounce house but both kids turned it down. 
 Instead they chose to play carnival games.
 And get their faces painted.  E. chose a sedate mustache and stopped there.  Froggy got a palm on a deserted island and then kept going back for new designs until she ran out of space.
 Next up was a fun magic show that was the absolute highlight of the evening for E.
 There were lots of venues playing music and we hit a couple of them But the kids only chose to dance at this outdoor stage where the music was only in their heads.
 We actually stayed up until midnight and were able to enjoy the finale fireworks.  2012 was such a sad year.  It felt good to welcome 2013 with my two favorite children. 


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