New Classes

This semester Froggy is participating in some new homeschool classes on a school campus.  Several friends have strongly recommended this program.  But it is expensive and did not fit our schedule in the past so we have been reluctant. But we finally bit the bullet and registered.  Yesterday was the first day.

Her first class is Beginning Chess.  These are drop off classes so I don't get to see what goes on inside and only get Froggy's recap as my information source.  She was so eager going in.

Her second class is "Space Adventures"  According to the syllabus, much of the information covered will be review for Froggy but I think the experiments will be fun for her and a good learning experience.

I did not hear anything about either class during the afternoon, only about the kids  in class with her.  But when Abba came home she could not stop bouncing with excitement.  Apparently she wanted to tell us together.  She gave the most amazing spontaneous narration about the history of chess and how each piece can move and what their points are.  I have played chess but did not know half the stuff she told us.  They did not get to touch any pieces during the class and Froggy did not seem bothered by that in the least. 


  1. That is great! We have looked for a chess program for our kids, but nothing is offered here. She is so lucky to get to participate in one. Our boys love the game. I wish I was better at it!


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