New Orders

Many of Froggy's friends have rejected the Burgess Animal Book as being too boring and "teachy".  Given that the premise of the book is Old Mother Nature is teaching the little creatures about their relatives and friends.

Froggy, on the other hand, loves this book. She cannot get enough of it.  We finished all of Order Rodentia and started meeting some new friends.  Last week, we met the Order Insectivore which consists of shrews and moles. 

This week, we met Flitter, the Red Bat and his cousins.  Froggy found them fascinating.  Here is her narration of the chapter.  "Flitter the Bat has three really long fingers, as long, as his forearm.  He is super fast and a reddish brown color.  he has three to four babies at a time.  He can't even find where is wife and babies are.  But the babies are find because they are with the mommy who takes good care of them.  He is also called the tree bat because he lives in the tree rather than a cave like most bats."

Bats are part of the order Chiroptera which means "hand winged."  With this new order, I took the opportunity to explain the classification chart to Froggy again.  I think now she realizes that all the orders we are learning about are part of the Class Mammalia which even she is. 


  1. It sounds like a fun book to me too.

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