A Food Tour of Sephardi

Thanks to our great Scholar in Residence program and author, Gil Marks, I got to take a food tour of Sephardi.  I was not able to attend the Moroccan dinner Shabbos evening.  But we did get to share in the delightful Kiddush.
Prep in the kitchen for the weekend.
 Kiddush was a tasting menu from Central Asia and the Mediterranean. There was a complete Fleishig menu from each country including dessert.  Our favorites from the meal crossed country lines.  The Georgian Chicken in Walnut Sauce and the Red Pepper Walnut Spread were fantastic.  It is so sad that Ms. G is allergic to walnuts.  I am going to have to try substituting almonds in some of these recipes.
 Sunday was the kicker with the "World of Vegetarian Purim".  Rabbi Marks is a very interesting person who shared much more than his recipes with us.  If you want to know more about food than just how to make it I strongly recommend his book, The Encyclopedia of Jewish Food.  He shared lots of history with us while preparing the menu of Ethiopian Vegetable Stew, Lobio Pkhali (a Georgian bean spread that is on my menu for Purim), Keftes de Espinaca (the spinach patties below), a mock chopped liver and a sweet couscous for dessert
Unfortunately, the timing of Rabbi Mark's presentation was significantly off and the demonstration ran so long that there was not time for me to sample the food before needing to leave to pick up Froggy an hour past the scheduled end time.  It was very disappointing.  I enjoyed learning all the history about the food but after 2 hours of preparing the food I wanted to taste it too. 
All of the recipes from the demonstration are in Olive Trees and Honey which I have ordered.  I will share the recipe review as I make them. 


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