A Sweet Conversation

Froggy was invited to a potluck Valentines Day party.  We decided to make Conversation Hearts to share with the friends.  A friend did this with daughter at about this age and strongly recommended it. 
First this was mixing up the ingredients in the mixer
The dough becomes basically like playdough.  We divided ours into four parts so that we could have 4 different colors of hearts.

Froggy had a fantastic time mixing the color through the dough. She just kept kneading it until the color was all even.
Then she rolled it out using my best new purchase, rolling bands.  They kept her from rolling the dough to thin and helped her know when it was at the right level. 
Then she cut them out.  They are much bigger than store bought even using the tiniest cutter we could find.
Here is the first batch ready to be set aside to dry.

This was a super fun but super messy activity.  Here is the detritus left behind.


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