Girl Scout TuB'Shvat

For the first time ever, I led a children's Tu BSh'vat Seder at which all of the participants were actually Jewish.  Everyone knew all of the blessings once I helped them identify how the different unfamiliar fruits grew.   It was an amazingly different experience.

This seder was for our Girl Scout troop.  We opened with a craft, making presents for the trees.  The theory was that we were making bird feeders.  We tried to use this recipe but did not wait long enough and thus the gelatin all sank to the bottom and did not gel the seed.  You live and learn and the girls had fun getting super messy.

After we cleaned up from our craft, we moved into our actual seder.  The kid seder I do is from HeadStart on Holidays.  I cut it down a bit to fit within our timeframe and modify it to have the girls be more independent.  One of the things I really like about it is that there is an activity to go with each cup/plate so it is truly an interactive seder.  This is probably the last year I will be able to use it as our girls are getting a bit old for it and unlike previous repetitions next year I am likely to have much the same audience.

We ended with an outdoor activity.  We planted parsley seeds in yogurt cups.  The girls took it upon themselves to "water" them with snow.  Every year, Froggy and I plant parsley at TuBShvat in hopes of being able to use it at our Pesach seder.  It has yet to happen.  Maybe this year.


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