Goodbye Old Friends - read alouds.

Froggy recently said Goodbye to a few literary friends in a very short period of time.  We finished Understood Betsy, which we had started back in roughly September. We also finished the Trickster series which meant saying goodbye to all the friends who live in Tortall, after spending literally years of falling asleep immersed in their lives. Froggy's heartbreak at saying goodbye to these special friends how important and beneficial it really is to savor a book rather than race through. Froggy was very reluctant to start her new read-alouds and need a time of almost mourning before commencing.

We finally did commence though and welcome the new friends in.  Our new daytime read aloud is Wind in the Willows. We are enjoying our time with Rat and Mole by the riverside.  We read many books with an old fashion speech pattern and very language.  Yet this book feels somewhat daunting in its language.  The chapters are very long but we are working our way through it slowly.  We are still early in the book but Froggy is warming up to the characters as she gets to know them.

There are lots of versions out there of this book. When we first tried to acquire this book, we got an abridged version that was absolutely awful even though it looked beautiful. This edition is unabridged and has the classic illustrations.

Our new nighttime read-aloud is A Wrinkle In Time.  Abba was concerned that Froggy would not get the math involved and thus not be able to enjoy the book until I pointed out that I did not get the math involved until I was in High School and I was still very much able to enjoy the book.  Froggy does not care about the math, she is fascinated by the inter-personal relationships and the battle of good and evil. 


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