Menu Planning Monday -25 Adar

After the marathon baking session that is Mishlach Manot Prep, I am looking for a quiet week in the kitchen. 

Our Persian Purim feast was an interesting evening. The Kortmis Satsivi, was the lose of the week.  The keftes were good and Froggy even deemed them not awful.  The soup was the absolute win of the week. 

Monday - Fish ala Jenn, Rice and Peas
Tuesday - Cheese sandwiches and veggie sticks
Wednesday -quesedillas, rice and beans.
Thursday -Salad and Pizza
Shabbat -Challah, Mandu, Miso Soup, Asian Slaw, Salmon, snow peas,and homemade parve snickers for dessert

chocolate chip cookies,
 chocolate chip coffee cake


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