Scavenger Hunt

Some friends invited us to go on a field trip with them to the Freer Museum.  One of the mom's actually created a scavenger hunt for the children to do as a guide to viewing items in the museum. Froggy
Before we actually got to the meeting spot for our group, Froggy found a neat display of Chinese mirrors and garmet hooks.  The only indication to us that the plate like objects were indeed mirrors was the plaque next to the display which told us.  The side we could see is the engraved side.  The mirror side is up against the wall. 
We also wandered through a neat room which had several different displays of celadon.  Some were much more fancy than others.  Several were very similar to pieces that Grandma has on display at her house.  Some of the simpler ones were even similar to ones that Grandma uses when she entertains.
Finally we met up with our friends and started the scavenger hunt.
Froggy was very proud of herself when she found one of the items on the scavenger hunt.
 Although it was not on the list, Froggy was very proud when she discovered this 12th century Jewish Star.  We originally thought the collection might be a Havdalah set but closer inspection proved that false.  The item with the handle is a ladle not a spice holder.


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