Menu Planning Monday - Summer Swim

Summer swim team starts this week. That means we have entered the three least favorite weeks of the menu
planning year.  Summer swim meets at 6pm until school gets out.  It is the worst time for me, especially with the little guy staying with us.  Add to that Abba is gone until Wednesday and it makes for an interesting menu. 

Monday - Mac and Cheese and veggie sticks
Tuesday - Chicken Nuggets for the kids - salad for Ima
Wednesday - Abba home -early dinner before swim- Fish ala Jenn rice and broccoli
Thursday - Picnic at the pool - Deli wraps and strawberries
Shabbat - Mandu,miso soup, Asian salad, sweet salmon, rice, keem, snow peas, and something for dessert but I have no idea what.  I am lucky I got this far
Shalosh seudah - apple egg salad, green salad, tuna fish, crackers two kinds of hummus, fruit and same desserts as Shabbos dinner (whatever that may be)


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