Same Moon

Our family was invited to participate in a pilot program through the JCC that pairs American and Israeli families.  The program emphasizes that all the families, both American and Israeli, are under "the same moon".   The Israeli families are from our sister region, Beit Shemash,about halfway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Froggy is excited about it. Right before Shavuot, we wrote our third letter to our match family telling them all about our favorite holidays and we celebrate them here as directed by the book. Each page of the book shows way in which are similar and different.  It suggests a topic for the letter and gives a place to record/ keep the letter from the partner family. 

We have received two letters so far from our partner family.  He is an only child as well and lives on a kibbutz with his mom.  He will be in first grade in the Fall.  I think it will be super neat to hear his perspective on the holidays.
This is the Israeli group

Here is a an article on the program that talks about the contract and the kids. I dont know exactly what it says since I only got a summary from our local contact.
And this is us


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