Happy Birthday D

We have a super sweet little guy staying with us this summer.  We got the opportunity to celebrate his 3rd birthday with him.  Froggy made him the crown he is wearing.  It was tons of fun trying to teach him how to blow out candles.


  1. Sorry I'm so behind on my reading - just want to say that this is the luckiest little guy on the planet, and he looks so VERY loved and cherished.

    As for your frustrations with where you are with school - know that, for what it's worth, I think you're doing a GREAT job. :-D

    I'm so envious of the opportunities you will have with Froggy over the next academic year that I can barely think about it, except by realizing that we all have our own brachos and challenges ahead, and that luckily, Hashem is in charge and will help us sort out what needs sorting with our kids.

    I hope. ;-)

    (and I'll share the swim meet pics with Naomi, who will be thrilled to see them!)


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