Menu Planning Monday - 16 Tammuz

It is too hot to cook this week.  But planning cold food for lunch and dinner for a whole week for a bunch of picky eaters is tricky. And I must bake at least some but I am doing it early in the mornings before the day gets too hot. 

Monday -Stirfry Chicken, rice and keem
Tuesday -Fast Day - feed the kids mac and cheese.  The grownups will do a simple break fast late.
Wednesday- Meet Night - picnic at the pool - Tuna fish, crackers, carrot sticks and fruit salad
Thursday- Pulled chicken (from the freezer), corn on the cob, peas
 Dinner - challah,  tricolor gefilte fish,Soup (Do I even want any? It should really be Matza ball if anything),  spinach and strawberry salad, Honey Chicken kebobs and grilled veggies, baked potatoes (done on the grill).
Third Meal - either Dijon Chicken Salad or Tropical Quinoa Lettuce Wraps
Desserts - pumpkin bread, lemon bars , Blackberry cupcakes and something chocolate but I have no idea what.


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