Blackberry Cream Cupcakes

Now that I am finally back on my feet and able to do for myself, I decided it was time to finally try this new cupcake recipe which was calling to me.  I like cupcakes better than cakes sometimes because it is easier to share the leftovers.  Also you can bring out a plate of cupcakes at Kiddush Shabbos afternoon with new guests and no one knows that you served the same thing for dessert at dinner. 

I don't know why this particular recipe called to me so much since there isn't any chocolate anywhere in it.  Maybe it is that the cupcakes are filled.  I love the idea of surprising my guests so hidden treats inside make me smile.  
I did not read the recipe well in advance so needed a last minute trip to the store to get the cake mix.  I have yet to find a parve white cake mix so I used our standard golden yellow cake mix.  The texture of the cupcake turned out even better than usual.  I think it was because I beat it more.  
 This is the blackberry sauce used for the filling.  It is nice and sweet without being cloying.  I was tempted to just use jam rather than make my own filling.  It was definitely worth the effort to avoid the cloying sweetness. I ran out before the last cupcakes but I also feel I used too much on the early ones so it probably really makes the right amount.
 And here is the finished product.  The frosting is a basic buttercream made using Earth Balance.  I did not use anywhere near the amount of powdered sugar called for in the recipe and still needed more milk to make it thin enough to actually pipe.  Even with thinning it and whipping the heck out of it, I still just about busted my hand piping it. 
I added the blackberry on top to give a hint at the hidden surprise inside.


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