Stories in Art - An American Adventure

Today Froggy went with her grandparents to launch her third and final adventure with Stories in Art.  Next year she will be too old for this program and graduate to Artful Conversations. This year's adventure is a road trip across America meeting some of the great American artists.  Today's adventure is perfect transition of a year long natuatical journey with Seabird, to a classic roadtrip.  Today's adventure used a very silly book, Down to the Sea to introduce the beautiful works of Winslow Homer
 Froggy was very happy to get one of her favorite docents
 The story was cute and rhyming even if it was a bit babyish.  I guess that is what happens when you are almost too old for the program.
 Eventually they moved to see Winslow Homer's Breezing Up (A Fair Wind).  I wish I had been there to hear what the docent had to say about the painting.  Froggy had lots to say about the program but very little about the painting itself. 
Here is the painting.  It is such a different craft than the big clipper ship, we sail with in Pagoo.  I have been sailing on small crafts like this and I can feel the excitement in the painting.
Then they made their own sailing picture.  They started with an outline of Windslow Homer's work and added their own color.  These kinds of projects are my least favorite since I feel it limits the creativity involved but Froggy had a great time.
As you can see, she added lots of color to her picture.  She was very proud of the finished product.
And she very much enjoyed telling the story of her color and design choices to the docent.   I am very much looking forward to being able to go with her to the next installment.


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