Swim Meet Success

Froggy had her first swim meet.  She has made a real change this year and it actually putting in real effort towards improving.  She is trying to get as many "green" ribbons as possible.  She created a pledge-a-thon wwhere people pledge money for tzedka for each ribbon she earns.  A green ribbon means the swimmer beat his/her personal best time in that stroke.
Froggy is starting to make friends on the team this year and want to socialize with her team mates 
They all look so much more grown up in their matching swimsuits
 Waiting by the side of the pool is probably the hardest part of any meet.
Froggy swam in three races at this meet including her first time ever at breast stroke.  Breast stoke is the hardest stroke to do correctly and not get disqualified.  Only 4 girls in Froggy's age group from both team's managed it.  She was one of them.  I am very very proud of her. 


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