Tonight Froggy got her first taste of archery.  She fairly bounced the whole drive there.  I suspected that given a taste of the work involved, her interest would end.  It did not.
 We were the first ones to arrive at Archery practice, which was perfect as it gave the host time to outfit Froggy before others arrived.  She was lent a bow, arrows, arm guard and something for her shooting hand as well.  
 Grimm, the host, introduced Froggy to the range and all the safety rules of the range.  He showed her the proper stance, how to load the arrow, draw the bow and aim.
 Then they got down to the business of actually shooting.  Her target was a zombie head.  There could not be a more perfect target for her first shooting opportunity.  I was amazed at how quickly she picked it up and the progress she made during this first practice.  She even managed to shoot the zombie right between the eyes more than once. 
Froggy was gifted with a souvenir.  This is the arrow from her very first hit.  She is already preparing for next week's practice. 


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