Thanks to a couple of really kind friends, Froggy and I had the amazing opportunity to spend a week at Pennsic experiencing Medieval history in a fun manner. 
This is what our camp looked like. Froggy and I were in the tent straight back
Our kitchen was the best camping kitchen I have ever used. . 
Froggy got to try her hand at several different handwork options including stick weaving. It is easier than spool weaving with more utilitarian results
Froggy working on yet another new handwork project in one of the fabulous swings in camp.  THis is embroidery and her favorite of all the ones she tried. 
The girls also had the opportunity to make poppets.  Here they are just getting started.
M. is making great progess on her stick weaving.  She, of all the girls, seemed most interested in the handwork projects.  You can see two of the finished poppets on the bench in front of her.
All of the Abbas at camp (our Abba is not and did not come) are fighters. Here is one posing so we can get a good look at his new amour. 
And another walking home after a big battle.  The amour is authentic as they can make it while using modern materials and sensibilities.
All of the non-fighters at our camp watching the big battle.  Trying to find the abbas in the throng gave a very real demonstration of the need for heraldry.
We had a great view as some of the main action took place right in front of us.
This is a clip from just one battle.  It gave the kids a chance to see just how chaotic battles really were.
There are four girls in camp all roughly the same age.  They, along with another girl up the road, became a tribe that wander all over together.
This is one of the many labyrinths found throught the grounds.  They are all taken from historical documents.
While the kids got a chance to try new handwork, some of the abbas got a chance to try their hand at casting and making jewelry.
Froggy dressed up (in the one non-authentic outfit and the one I did not make) for her special night out. 
and what camping experience would be complete without smores.
 Here is our tribe of kidlets all gathered together to say goodbye.


  1. Long life to the king. It looks amazing and fun, i hope to do that with my daughter once.
    Thanks for the post and pics.


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