Froggy turns 8

Our household is split in the opinion of how a birthday should be counted.  Abba thinks the family should use only the Gregorian calendar so that is when we celebrate his birthday.  I think the family should the Hebrew calendar so that is when we celebrate my birthday.  Froggy rather than suffering from her parental lack of consensus gets two birthday celebrations. 
Her Hebrew birthday is Shemini Atzertz which means that her birthday dinner is in the Sukkah every year weather permitting. This year we had friends join us. It was nice to have more children around the table.  It was a squeeze to fit that many people in my little sukkah but it was fun and the temperature was just right.
 Froggy surprised us all by inviting her friend to help her blow out the candles.  The choices she makes never cease to amaze me.


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