Menu Planning Monday 3 Cheshvan

Schedule chaos has officially begun.  Cheshvan is going to be the hardest month schedule wise of the entire year.  Most weeks I am not home 6:30 or later by which time Abba is already working.  In addition, at least one night each week I work and do not get home until after Froggy is asleep.

This makes cooking let alone eating as a family challenging. It makes the crockpot my new best friend.  Luckily the cooler weather makes us want eat more of the things that work well in the crockpot.

Monday - Coconut Ginger Tofu and Rice - the recipe actually calls for chicken but we use tofu instead
Tuesday - Pasta, salad and garlic bread
Wednesday - Fish ala Jenn, rice and broccoli
Thursday - Tomato spinach soup and bread
Erev Shabbat -the menu was completely chosen by Abba in honor of his birthday so if the menu looks a little bipolar that is why.
Challah Gefilte Fish, Matza ball soup, pulkogi, rice, asparagus, angel food cake with chocolate marshallow frosting. molasses cookies
Kiddush - challah, beef barley soup, veggie sticks, dips, molasses cookies.


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