Our Girl Scout Troop and their families spent the day making scarecrows. 
 We started the day by visiting the mill.  The mill was actually up and running and we got to see it in action.  The favorite part of the farm tour for the girls though was the blacksmith. He was so engaging that the girls did not want to leave the demonstartion.
 Then came the scarecrow making.  Each family brought the old clothes of their choice and the farm provided the stuffing.  The structure came from a pair of pantyhose inside the clothes. 
It was much more challenging than it sounded. The girls were full of determination though and overcame the challenge in very creative ways.
Once the hose were stuffed and the shirt on, it was time to add the pants.  Many of the girls brought their clothes so we had girl sized scarecrows.
Some families brought Dad's clothes and made a big scarecrow
 Froggy's scarecrow provided some additional design challenges since she wanted it to look like her with a dress rather than the standard pants.
Our troop and their new friends together.  What a great day!


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