This is the first year ever we have had no paper decorations in our Sukkah.  We try every year to have new decorations for the Sukkah.  (These photos were all taken after the holiday since I ran out of time before.  The table really did look more festive during the holiday.)

Our walls are fabric.  Every year we add a new handprint.  Typically it is is Froggy's right hand but this year the cast made it be her left. It will make for a helpful reminder years from now about exactly which year she broke her arm.  We also try to add more stamped fruit each year to fill it in. 
We added a chandelier thanks to Design Megillah
We made polymer clay apple to welcome the Ushpizin.  One side is painted with the male guests and one with the female guests.
 We also made little pumpkins and stars.  You can get an idea of the relative size in the picture below.
I want to find a better way to hang them next year.  This year I was just glad they made it up before the chag.


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