The Brave Party

Froggy kept with her new love of archery and chose Brave as the theme for her brithday this year.We had tons of fun planning it and getting ready.  I made her a Merida dress and hair extensions.  Since we have a tiny house, the party was held in the field across the street.
 We made wisps for the guests to follow to our field
 The grandparents brought a pavilion that turned into Merida's castle
We made blue wisps to mark the path to the 'castle'
As the guests arrived, they got to choose their family tartan
and make their own coat of arms.
Our first game gave the girls an opportunity to feed the bear.
Teams were created by the tartans the guests had chosen.
They then moved on to catapult.  It was hysterical watching them try to throw the "log".
Even with repeated demonstrations, the girls were determined to do it their own (nonfunctional) way.
The final and most popular game was archery.  We made pvc bows as part of their goodie bags.
Using the bows was a serious challenge but one they wanted to master.
Froggy received a play bow, arrows and wig as one of her presents.  It made the perfect finishing touches to her costume.


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