We used the placecard pumpkins from our Sukkot celebration  to make bat-o-lanterns.  Froggy painted all the pumpkins while Abba and I cut out the wings and eyes.  We hung them all over the yard. 
 And Abba decorated our family of pumpkins so we could all "Hop on Pop"

  And the crowning glory in the decoration as far as I am concerned was the simplest of all
 We made four lanterns out of recycled milk jugs. 
 We drew Sharpie faces on them and put in battery operated lanterns to light them up.
They got lots of compliments from our visiting ghosts and goblins. 
Froggy was Merida for Halloween and she used her new quiver as her trick or treat bag.
She had fun pretending to shoot Abba before they headed out.  Abba agreed and it is the only time she is ever allowed to point her bow at anyone. 


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