Our narrations got off to a real rough start this year.  Froggy took a huge leap backwards in her willingness / ability to narrate.  Schooling became a nightmare and each day a battle.  Our grand conversations completely disappeared. 

Our books this year are harder particularly Marco Polo which I believe is the root of all the problems.  The initial book was written in a style so different from the other books we have used.  Froggy could not keep all the information from even a short section in her head.  It shook her confidence in all her narrations.

We finally switched Marco Polo books.  I modeled narrations from this new book.  We took our readings down to sections smaller than when we were in Year 1.  And we started over.  We provided a carrot and a stick not for the quality of the narration but for the effort and willingness to narrate. 

And we moved forward. 

Froggy is narrating again.  The battle is over with most books now.  And we finally are having the grand conversations about our other books.  I missed those even more than I dreaded the fights.  Froggy is still not willing to engage in any conversations about Marco Polo and I am ok with that, given that the rest of the life is in order.


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