Rocks and Minerals

We took a field trip to the Natural History Museum with another homeschooling family.  Since we were with friends, we visited rooms we would not have otherwise namely the rock and mineral collection.
 Our two little princesses were immediately captivated by the tiaras.
 The other jewelry was intriguing as well.  The girls took pictures on their own in additions to the ones by the grown ups. 
 They even chose to stand in line to view the Hope diamond.
 Eventually we made it through the gems to minerals.  This fuzzy one was a favorite with the little people
 Personally my favorite was the rainbow of minerals.  I love how it shows the beautiful variety of HaShem's creation.
 Purple is a favorite color with both girls and they asked for this picture especially.
 There were even a few specimens that the kids could touch.
And then we moved into plate tectonics.  We looked at the Ring of Fire. 
And the best part was they got to make their own earthquakes


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