Menu Planning Monday - 29 Kislev

 This is a crazy busy week at the landing.  We have Rosh Chodesh and Hanukkah to celebrate.  If that was not enough it is our last week at home before our long winter trip.  That means I need to do extra cooking for the freezer so that Abba can eat while Froggy and I are gallivanting around the wiles of Boston.
The Menu 
Sunday - Hanukkah Party - Turkey Noodle Soup, Tomato Spinach Soup and Sufganyiot
Monday -Chicken Black Bean Soup and chips
Tuesday - Latkes, veggie sticks and sufganyiot for our last festive night of Hanukkah since I am not with the family on the last night.
Wednesday - turkey fried rice
Thursday - Pasta Salad and garlic bread
Shabbat - This is what I am starting to call my "I don't want to think menu"  - Challah, Gefilte Fish Loaf, Matza ball soup, Apricot chicken, green beans, the mix salad from the store if I can still find it.  acorn squash, and a chocolate experiment dessert.

For the Freezer

pumpkin bread
molasses cookies
gingerbread men
Brown Sugar cookies


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