With the introduction of OT twice a week, we have been forced to change up our schedule.  I am using this opportunity to try to create a new rhythm to our days and our week.  Froggy needs time to practice the skills she working on in OT as well as work on some other very important non-academic learning.

Daily Rhythm
Wake Up (roughly 8am)
Get Dressed
Morning Prayers
Breakfast, Parsha Time and Telling Back
OT break - play one or more (time depending) of the games assigned
Major Outing  (Starts roughly 10am - ends by dinner if we are lucky)
School part 2 in the car
Lunch is a picnic
OT break - play a different OT Game
Grace and Courtesy excersize

Weekly Rhythm
Sunday - We don't get to follow our regular daily rhythm as religous school starts at 9.  We are lucky if we are home by 6:30pm.
Monday - 4H - one of our easier days of the week - introduce our new grace and courtesy topic for the week
Tuesday - OT / Ice Skating / Religious School
Wednesday - Food bank Delivers & Compass Classes
Thursday - OT & Errands (This is our one free afternoon all week)
Friday - Meals on Wheels deliveries / Parkour/ Shabbat Prep


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