Menu Planning Monday - 17 Adar 1

This is yet another busy week with more snow possible in the forecast. We are right in that area where even an inch of snow disrupts everything but where an inch is not frequently not unlikely.

Monday - arrive home late. Dinner will likely be cheese and crackers in the car unless we are much earlier than anticipated.
Tuesday - fish ala jenn rice and carrot sticks
Wednesday - Tacos, black beans and rice.
Thursday - Orange Chicken, quinoa and broccoli
Shabbos - It is just our small family for Shabbos this week.  We are having what is fast becoming the safe default menu.

Challah - We are back to my old basic recipe.  The experiments were fun and different but everyone agreed that they much prefer my traditional recipe. 
Gefilte Fish Loaf - I am so tired of this but I cannot find anything else that others like to serve for a fish course.  Suggestions?
Matzah Ball Soup - per Froggy's request.
Herb Roasted Chicken
Sauteed Green beans
Roasted Root Veggies
Peach Crisp and parve peach ice cream
Raspberry swirl rolls


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