Nature Hike

Today while we are bracing for another six inches of snow, it is fun to look back and remember last weekend when our Girl Scout troop went on an amazing hike
Our leader found this great nature center which is only 5 minutes from our shul where we meet.  They have amazing trails with lots of child-friendly signs and touchables.  The staff is very supportive of scouting and willing to run programs on Sundays for our troop. 
We found several old old trees which had been felled by storms.  
And we scoped out this spot for our Bridging Ceremony
 After the hike, we stopped in to the Visitor Center where one of the staff bought out a friend to meet the girls. 
 He was shy but once the girls simmered down he was brave enough to enjoy a snack of bu

They have a dinosaur playground that we explored after the Visitor Center.  This helps me remember that Spring is coming.  Look at all that sunshine and the girls with no coats. It was a glorioug glorious day. 


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