Recipe Review - Beet Pasta

So I finally got to try my new toy this week while making this recipe
I made beet "pasta" with golden and regular beets.  Once I figured out how to load the machine properly, it was super easy and fun.  The interesting shape enticed Froggy to try it and made it more fun for everyone. 
The lemon "cream" sauce was delicious.  Although as I suspected it made way way more than anyone could ever use.  I considered cutting the recipe in half and I absolutely should have.  I will next time.  In the first pass, I left out the lemon juice by mistake and the sauce tasted so flat.  The lemon juice gives it a brightness and richness of flavor that brings the whole dish together.
And here is the finished product.  Amazing presentation factor.  Unlike many times I have made a totally unfamiliar recipe, this one did not take significantly longer than the estimated time.  And other than the sauce there were no leftovers. 


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