Art with her Aunt

One of Froggy's favorite parts of our regular winter breaks trips up north are the special trips she gets to take with her Aunt Adrian.  Adrian is not related by blood but is part of what we call our chosen family.  She has been part of our lives for the last 20 years.  She has such a special relationship with Froggy and is the only person Froggy and I both trust implicitly to recommend new books.

Today they went to see the Gardner Museum which was according to Froggy, "cool cool super cool."  It is an old house turn museum with amazing tapestries, statues and a mosaic courtyard that captivated Froggy. They toured the first floor where the Greek statues were deemed "weird" and the portraits were awesome.

To make the trip even more special they stopped for ice cream on the way home at a place where Froggy had choices.  For a little girl allergic to dairy this is truly special. 


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